I found kwork completely by accident. I needed to quickly make a landing page, I entered a query into a search engine, and the first result I saw was an artist’s work on kwork. That’s how I found out about the service – when I was looking for a service myself. You registered an account in 2022, but only started working fully in march of this year.

Why did this happen? Yes,

After that the orders came on their own, one after another. I didn’t even have to look for projects on the Exchange or respond, everything somehow happened usa mobile no by itself. I still want to write to my first customer and ask: “Why did you choose me? There are so many performers on Kwork with ratings and reviews, why did you give me a chance?” Review of Vladislav’s work Tips for Freelancers Can you tell me how to create the same successful quacks that even a beginner would want to buy without

And I happily forgot about Kwork for I could stay at home and help

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Several months. What made you come back? In january of this year, my son was born, and my wife needed my help: she asked me to find a job so that I could stay at home and help her. At that time, I again had the idea of ​​​​creating a network of telegram Afghanistan Phone Number List channels, and I needed texts for advertising creatives. I have always written everything myself, but this time I decided to see what other artists were offering: I wanted to evaluate the work that I can do myself, from the outside. And so I entered the query into the search engine again, and again the first result was the