Isn’t a press release a kind of paid link? Are press Danny Sullivan got  releases effective for SEO? A: I think press releases are effective for SEO. Press releases will be distributed without considering SEO. You should optimize your content (Covario). Q: What about mutual links? A: When creating mutual links, it is better to check whether the other party is participating in a malicious link farm (Covario). There is also a risk in creating mutual links between related sites. In the past, a large number of real estate agents linked to each other and monopolized the top rankings on Google, but Google saw this as a problem and their rankings were dropped (SEOmoz). I think the probability that mutual links themselves will have a negative impact is low, but there may be times when they lose their effect (Ontolo). — . .

That’s all Since it was a session specializing in links

There were a lot of geeky topics, so maybe you’re also a link professional? ! As someone like me, I enjoyed it. Moreover, it was interesting to see that usa mobile no moderator  the session and spoke more passionately than any other session. However, even within SEO, links are an area — 1. Attention to real-time search due to the rapid spread of Twitter This time, the most trending theme was real-time search.

Along with this, the need to know the latest I think the probability that mutual links

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Information has increased, and the long-standing “need to search for real-time information” has become apparent, and Google and Bing are busy responding, and search services from progressive forces are also emerging. there is. At the moment, existing search engines are still at the stage of trial and error on how to incorporate real-time content such as Twitter Afghanistan Phone Number List tweets into search results. Rather than creating its own real-time search service, Twitter is increasing its presence by publishing its content externally through APIs and having outside companies with search technology develop better search services. It seems that they are using a similar strategy.