The reality is that both Bing and Yahoo! still allow spam. Although the traffic ratio is low, it is difficult to judge whether you should risk your existing site for SEO (Jill Warren). There Clienton honestly says  are two possible outcomes of the showdown between Bing and Google. Will Bing increase its share or not? I think Bing and Google are fundamentally similar, but the results may change the way SEO measures are implemented (Rand Fishkin). Fundamentally, there will be no difference in SEO measures. There are rumors that Bing is weak against spam, but Yahoo! has many experts in spam prevention. If these people participate in improving Bing, Bing will become more spam-resistant, and I hope that happens (Vanessa Fox). Q: Should I upload video content to YouTube or my own website? A: YouTube is the world’s No. 2 search engine. The answer is clear (Vanessa Fox).

If you want to upload videos for branding

YouTube is definitely the place to go. However, if you want to link the video to actual action, your own website may be more effective. It’s case by case (Rand Fishkin). . . . That was  it. As expected, when we gatheIt’s finally the last session of SMX West. The original title is “Ask The Link Builders”. Moderator: Danny Sullivan. Garrett French of Ontolo, Mike Gulchsen of Covario, Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, and Roger Monti of On the sweden phone book contrary, I have a feeling that Link is a professional that many people don’t know about. But SEOmoz appears everywhere… It’s exciting when you’re there. Let’s do our best. Q: Is article marketing effective? (Article marketing, in Japanese, is a method of writing articles that are likely to be popular and syndicating them to various sites to obtain a large number of links.

In English-speaking countries, directories are created There are a lot of them

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That collect only those types of articles. There are a lot of them, and they were often used as a method to collect temporary links.Recently, there is a perception that directory registrations  are ineffective because they contain a lot of spam-like content, which lowers search engine ratings. it’s finished.) A: I don’t know if directory registration is effective, but the method of creating article content and syndicating it is likely to be effective. (Sorry, I had some opinions, but I couldn’t take notes while writing the supplementary explanation above.) Q: I want to Afghanistan Phone Number List buy static paid links for SEO, but I also want to track them. what should I do? A: It would be possible to track static links by adding JavaScript to the link tag (Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz).  to measure the effects at the same time, and that the only way to judge them is as a whole.