Unleash the power of data with Funnels In the digital landscape, data has become the lifeblood of marketing strategies. However, the challenge is to effectively collect, organize and analyze data from various sources.

In recent months, MOCA has become part of Funnel’s Solution Partnership program , a solid data integration and analysis platform.

What is Funnel?
Funnel is a data integration and analytics platform that allows companies to collect data from multiple sources, such as advertising platforms (e.g. Google Ads), social media, e-commerce platforms (e.g. Magento, Shopify) and more.

Funnel offers an easy way to connect and consolidate data from various sources into a unified view .


What are the main advantages of Funnel?

Let’s see together what the key features of Funnel are:

Funnel helps you bring together marketing data from different sources and offers an easy way to connect and consolidate data into a single interface .
This eliminates the need to manually collect data from multiple sources, saving time and effort.

With Funnel you can securely store all your switzerland phone number data in a centralized hub. This ensures that data is stored securely and easily accessible . Thanks to a centralized storage system, you can avoid managing data on different platforms and have a single source for marketing data.
Additionally, Funnel automatically updates data from connected sources in real time or at scheduled intervals. This ensures that you always have up-to-date, accessible and reliable data available at any time, avoiding errors that are common in the manual method of data processing .

Funnel simplifies the process of organizing data by allowing you to transform raw data without the need for coding.
You can clean, filter, and structure data based on specific requirements, so it’s organized and ready for analysis.

Funnel offers customizable data mapping and

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transformation capabilities . You can define how data from different sources should be mapped and transformed to fit your specific needs. This ensures that the data is organized in a way that makes sense for your analysis requirements .

Funnel provides customizable dashboards that allow you to visualize your data in a meaningful way.
You can create interactive reports to effectively communicate insights and monitor project KPIs.

Funnel offers integrations. With other tools, allowing you to seamlessly share data with external stakeholders or export it to other Algeria Phone Number List dedicated platforms for further analysis.
For example. You can set up automatic data export to analysis tools such as.  Google Looker Studio.
This way you can combine data from . Different sources and get  comprehensive view of your marketing and sales efforts.