However, it is true that microsites are easier to rank higher. If possible, I think it’s better to establish one large site with a high page rank and publish each content in subdirectories (Bruce Clay). Matt Cutts watches, or rather watches, SEO companies from a front seat. Q: Does blog update frequency affect search results? A: The frequency of updates doesn’t really matter if you don’t have readers, but in any case, the quality of the content is more important than the frequency of updates (Greg Boser of 3 Dog Media). When I didn’t update my blog for half a year, when people searched for my name, it dropped from number 1 to number 4. Might be somewhat related (Vanessa from Search Engine Land). It’s not a big word, so  when writing a blog (Jill Warren).

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Searchable keywords in their blog article titles. Isn’t it important? (Todd Friesen of Position Technologies.) That might be the case with news (Jill Warren). Blogs used to be updated  once a day, but now they are updating twice a day. Update frequency is important, but update time is also important for readers to actually read it (Rand Fishkin). It seems like the more images, diagrams, and videos you include in your blog posts, the more visibility you get in universal search and the more traffic you tend to get overall (Aaron Wall). Q: What is the sweden phone book best way to create a multilingual site? Is it a separate domain, subdomain, or subdirectory? A: This topic was discussed in yesterday’s session, but the conclusion is that each has its pros and cons. For multilingual sites, there are other things to consider besides language, such as currency and links from local sites (Vanessa from Search Engine Land).

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Language with SEO in mind is not just about translating keywords and content. You need to optimize your content for your target market. For example, American football content  may not be popular outside of the United States. Properly building a multilingual site takes several times more time and effort than an English site (Bruce Clay). . . . Did you have any Afghanistan Phone Number List difficulties expanding into Japan? ! Q: What about Bing and Yahoo!? Should I ignore Yahoo!? A: Personally, I think Bing’s ranking is good so I hope it changes soon lol (Greg Boser). Bing’s SEO is pretty easy now (Todd Friesen of Position Technologies). Bing tends to rate sites with unique domains. You may want to consider reviving a domain that you used when it was active on Google but is no longer in use (Greg Boser).