It’s hard to answer in terms of factors, but I think local search will continue to evolve. Personalization is sure to evolve further. Q: When we talk about universal search, we tend to There is a case where focus on Google, but what about Yahoo! and MSN? I feel like the search share is too small to respond individually. A: I understand that it will be Google-centric, but you can also get a lot of traffic from Yahoo! and MSN.

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Microsoft, I think Bing will evolve further, and Universal Search will also evolve. By supporting Bing, the corresponding side will also be able to support Yahoo! and Microsoft at the same time, so it will be easier than before. Q: Do you think microformats will dutch cell phone number become important in universal search? A: I think so. This will become especially important for local searches. Q: How important are review sites? A: Of course it’s important. Review information is already displayed in the local search map information and store information displayed. Q: Does the number of comments on a YouTube video affect the ranking? A: I don’t know exactly, but generally speaking, videos with a large number of comments will have a high number of impressions and click-through rate, and will tend to be ranked higher. —The moderator is Vanessa Fox of Search Engine Land.

Speakers include Patrick Bennett of BLVD Status, Miley How important are review sites

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Ohe again from Google, Ralph Schwubel from Tradebit, and Brian Ussery from Search Discovery. Let’s start with Miley Oye on Google. It is true that the speed of your site also affects your search rankings. Why is site display speed important? ・Conversion rate changes. by 16.07% just by increasing the site display speed. ・The faster the display speed, the higher Vietnam Phone Number List the user satisfaction level. – Even if Google’s display speed slowed down by just 0.5 seconds, user search volume dropped significantly. How to speed up without spending money – 80%-90% speedup is possible with front-end support, and there is no need to spend money. Webmaster Tools site performance feature ・You can track the display speed of your site. ・You can also compare with other sites.