He explained the entire process while showing the actual Google search results screen. I ended with the following comment. First of all, let me give you a basic introduction. If you want to be exposed in places other than normal search results, you need to utilize various media on the Internet. There are various tips on how to use it. For example, you can search for keywords on Q&A sites and consider user needs based on the content displayed on the Q&A. — Next up is Eric Papczun from Performics. It’s a major SEM agency. About universal search trends. Some people call it universal search while others call it blended search. It seems that there is no clear difference. Surveys of Universal Search users show that those who find images and videos via Universal Search tend to have a higher usage rate than usual.

Local search definitely drives physical

Visits to stores. 37% of people who search locally visit a physical store. In 2008, 28% of mobile searches were local; by 2013, that number is expected to rise to 35%. To effectively  utilize universal search, the concept of “universal brand management” is important. The following three indicators are particularly important: ・Reputation management ・Brand recognition ・Promoting store visits via local search For example, search for “McDonalds” on Google. The uk telephone numbers list first page shows the company’s website and local search results, but some of the images are awful (two fat women in swimsuits). In this case, you should prepare a related image of McDonald’s that will be displayed with priority over this image. When I searched for Walmart, a tweet came up that said, “Target (competitor) is so much better than Walmart!” When searching for United Airline (United Airport), negative sites appear first.

Despite the increasing usage of universal search The first half of the data is interesting

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It is often not properly supported. It will become increasingly important in the future. . . . The first half of the data is interesting. I wanted to dig a little deeper. Actually, at the  end, he introduced 10 points about image & video search, local search, real-time search, and reputation management in 3 minutes each, but I couldn’t remember them all, so I’ll introduce Vietnam Phone Number List them later if I can get the materials. — Finally, there is Jiyan Wei from PRWeb. As a PR company, we will introduce how to use universal search, which specializes in news searches. Fact 1: Users care about news in blended searches …news that appears in search results has a certain degree of click-through rate. Fact 2: Google cares about blended search news .