We also offer a page speed plugin for Firefox. and search ranking? -As of March 5, 2010, there is actually still no relationship between display speed and search ranking. ・If it becomes related, we will notify the official. . . . Well, it wasn’t yet. . . Other tips ・Yahoo!’s YSlow also has features that Google’s Webmaster Tools do not have. ・Webpagetest.org is also useful Performance and SEO ・Improving display speed will definitely increase conversion ・Increase Google’s index number . . . I see, it may not affect the ranking yet, but the number of indexes may be affected. — Next up is Patrick Bennett from BLVD Status. A story about monitoring display speed. Google’s advice is always the same. “Create web content for users, not search engines.

There are a variety of tools for monitoring site

Performance, ranging from expensive software to low-cost services. Regardless of tools, you should set some kind of KPI and monitor it. There are various factors such as number of visitors, page views, length of stay, average number of page views, exit swedish phone numbers rate, bounce rate, etc. Sales and conversions are also important. YSlow is a very useful tool. It should definitely be used for differences in display speed improvement. If your site feels slow, where should you start? While improving the site itself is important, it is also important to review the server company. Even if hosting costs increase by several tens of thousands of yen, the returns are often greater, such as higher conversion rates and increased sales. Besides changing servers: ・Caching on the server side ・Reducing the number of http requests, reducing the number of Javascript and CSS files ・Compressing with Gzip ・Creating Javascript and CSS as external files ・Compressing images ・Using CSS sprites to create multiple images Use as one image file (Amazon does this) There are many things that are possible.

There is no end to improving your site speed It’s true that there are many sites

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It is important to set and monitor indicators and do what we can little by little. . . . It’s true that there are many sites that can do a lot of things, but they end up doing nothing. . . Reflect on yourself. — Next up is Ralf Schwebel from Tradebit. Apparently he came Vietnam Phone Number List all the way from Germany. It seems that he operates an e-commerce site for digital downloads that receives over 5 million requests a day. For e-commerce sites, SEO is important first, then speed improvement is important. In 2009, we did some serious speed improvements, and without doing anything else, our conversions went up significantly. There are three ways to improve: 1. Optimize 2. Delete 3. Cache .