However, AJAX is not yet fully supported as not all browsers fully support it. Q: Is there any point in using nofollow to adjust link juice within a site (page rank sculpting)? Matt Cutts: Nofollow is an idea proposed by Google several years ago, but I think it’s more efficient to think about optimizing the site structure itself rather than worrying about nofollow. If you use nofollow, you can use it for links to login pages and shopping cart pages, for example. . . . What about the login page? The number of searches for “Mixi Login” is the highest among the combinations of “Mixi + keywords.” In the case of Mixi, login is the top priority, so it doesn’t matter, but if there is a dedicated login page, nofollow may not be necessary. Q: If you say that PageRank has no meaning, why don’t you remove the PageRank function from the toolbar?

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This is a reason I can understand but don’t want to accept. Q: Are canonical tags treated exactly the same as 301 redirects? Matt Cutts: Most likely, but sometimes a canonical tag URL is set to a page that no longer exists or to the wrong URL. In such cases, we do some additional processing such as leaving the existing URL. Q: I operate an authority site in a dutch cell phone number specific field, but why is it displayed in a lower position than Wikipedia? Matt Cutts: In fact, compared to other search engines, Wikipedia’s rankings are often low! It’s a random internal survey. First of all, it’s a large site, so it doesn’t always appear at the top. Wikipedia is a huge site, so it’s easy to rank high on the list.

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I’m particularly biased. Bing: User opinions and search engine algorithms are different. Search engine algorithms tend to evaluate Wikipedia. Q: I thought I had created a site with perfect SEO, but I heard that SEO can be done with AJAX, so I’m wondering whether I should support AJAX. Matt Cutts: If you’re ranking well, there’s probably no need to rebuild your site according to SEO rules. Q: What about FLASH? Yahoo! and Adobe may not be on good Vietnam Phone Number List terms. Bing: We are working on it, but there is still a long way to go. Sullivan: Adobe won’t invite Yahoo! to the party. But  (suggesting that the iPad won’t support Flash), I guess it’s still okay. Matt Cutts: Flash’s SEO support is still not perfect, but it’s getting better little by little.