From here on out, it’s quite a technical topic so I won’t be able to keep up with it so I’ll omit it m(_ _)m — And finally, Brian Ussery from Search Discovery. As the name suggests, we are an SEM company. Apparently he’s an SEO director. Anyway, speed is important. Currently, users expect web pages to be displayed in less than two seconds. . . . After this, there were various technical explanations, but I couldn’t finish them all because I was explaining a lot of information written in the PowerPoint materials.  (if it seems useful). At the end, he also commented, “Maybe I was too fast?” It’s good that the site is fast, but I don’t like that the presentation is too fast. .

I thought I said something nice

Sorry for not letting you know the second half. Now, let’s start with Q&A. Q: When using another company’s API, the display speed inevitably slows down, but to what extent does  it affect the display speed? A: (Brian) Reading on the server side also slows down the overall page speed. Loading using AJAX does not affect the display level of the entire russia phone number example page. (Google) When considering the user, the important thing is the overall page rendering speed. For partial content, especially one that may slow down the display speed, it is better to display the entire content first and then display it later. (Google) Google itself, for example, displays a large amount of information from various sources in the case of universal search. The calculation speed also changes depending on how much relevance is taken into consideration.

We are trying to find a balance while considering trade it is better to display the entire

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offs within the overall picture. Q: How does Google measure site speed? A: (Google) We rely to a large extent on data measured by toolbars. Q: I think the measurement speeds are  different between Webmaster Tools, Toolbar, and YSlow, but are Vietnam Phone Number List there any standard metrics? A: (Moderator) There are some differences depending on the measurement method and tool. The important thing is to measure using the same tool. Q: Does Adwords take landing page speed into account? A: (Google) It’s included in the quality score. The page should be displayed within 4 seconds at the latest.